Sunday, June 19, 2011

Night Moves

Last nigth we went to the Night Market in Richmond. Generally speaking it was okay. I ate some meat on a stick and a buttload of chow mein, so that was good times, and there is a lot of cheap crap to buy if that's what you're in to. But then we went to leave and my vehicle was gone. Turns out it had been towed, which is really the best of a bad situation if your vehicle is missing. I guess I had parked too close to a hydrant, though I'm almost 100% sure that there had been a sign blocking it, because all three of us saw the sign but not the hydrant when we got there, but whatever. It's a $120 mistake I won't be making again. The walk to the impound lot was an adventure as well. We saw rabbits and had to sneak through a saw mill.

Oh yeah, also at the night market they had Karaoke, but I think it was only open to Chinese participants. I titled this video 'Bad Chinese Karaoke', but he was probably actually doing an alright job. He took it pretty seriously too, at one point the music cut out and he just kept on going. Sorry about the bad quality.

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