Thursday, July 7, 2011

You Wreck Me

I went to Wreck Beach yesterday, which I guess is rather famous for being a "clothing optional" beach. So yes, I saw a lot of boobs, but guess what? Old dudes love to get their junk out a lot more than attractive young women do.

I swam in the ocean for the first time that I know of. Maybe I did when I was younger, but I don't remember. I imagine a lot of the locals will make fun of me for calling the Straight of Georgia "the ocean", but I don't really care. I had fun. It was different than swimming in a lake or a river, I guess because you're swimming in something larger than your mind can really comprehend. It was also a lot colder than I expected, maybe from the mountain runoff.

The only complaint I had was that I got some dirty looks from a few of the people who chose to take their clothes off, which I didn't appreciate. If they want the right to get naked, why can't I have the right to be ridiculously self concious about my body and keep my shirt on when I go to the beach? I'm not some douche that went to the beach to stare at the naked hippies, I'm just fat. Get over it.

Oh yeah and trail to the beach is all stairs, I was pretty out of breath on the return journey. And no, I didn't take pictures. Perv.

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